About Us
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About Reba Chemicals


Reba Chemicals (Pty) Ltd, is a South African manufacturer, supplier and distributor of industrial and speciality chemicals. We specialise in producing solutions for, but not limited to, the production and metal industries in South Africa and some regions of Africa.


Established in 1982, with over three decades experience, we still strive to provide excellent service delivery and  expand our reach to the entire chemical industry in Africa.


We started by trading with imported products for the metal treatment industry, by 1985 we had developed our own in-house technology for producing the solutions for metal salts such as Nickel and Cobalt Nitrate.


We want to become the
largest manufacturer, supplier
and distributor of industrial and
speciality chemicals in Africa.


Our mission, through experienced staff and
continuous product development, is to
target and grow a niche market in the
chemical industry, locally and to the rest of
the African continent.

We are BEE compliant with a

Level 1 Contributor rating

Our Service Offering:

1. Toll blending and manufacturing for third party companies.


2. Toll packaging  customised with own  customer labels.


3. New formulations design which meets customer need.


4. Customer formulation improvement to reduce costs.


5. Product bulk supply to reduce packaging costs.

Thank you for learning about us